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Sanity is overrated

26 September 1981
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This journal is for random fandom and rl musings as and when I have inclination and time.

I'm a 33 year old self confessed workaholic.

Work, my family, The X-Files, music and reading are my life as it stands at present. It may get more interesting with time, who knows. I normally have at least two disastrous events happen per year.

I also have the tendency to be quite philosophical and typically indecisive. Although age and irritation is slowly whittling these traits away.

Feel free to friend or just stop by and say hi. I'm not a regular LJ user but tend to dip my toe in now and then. Chances are if I have hit the friend button its due to the fact that I recognise your name from somewhere; forums, fanfic or just around LJ. Looking forward to getting knowing you all a little better.